March.22.2021 – Elena El Asmar / Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen

Elena El Asmar (IT) > <Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen (NO)

Elena El Asmar (IT) / Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen (NO) –  22. March 2021 h.2.30pm – 4.30pm


Freesbeesong Match:

Listen to the Freesbeesongs composed by the players:

C.H.A FREESBEESONG – Le caïman rouge, le caïman gris – April, 28, 2021 h.18.27– Porsgrunn to Milan, Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen to Elena El Asmar

Elena El Asmar in Milan (IT)>

Elena El Asmar è nata a Firenze nel 1978 e vive a Milano. E’ tra i fondatori di Madeinfilandia e spazio C.O.S.M.O. (Come Ogni Semplice Movimento Ortogonale). Tra le mostre personali: Dalla sabbia, opere in vetro, BUILDINGBOX-Building Gallery, Milano, a cura di Building in collaborazione con Jean Blanchaert, La conservazione della libertà, con Loredana Longo, Fondazione Berengo, Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti, Venezia, a cura di Pietro Gaglianò all’interno del progetto Radical, Come cenni di mare sulla spiaggia con Sophie Ko, Riss(e)-Zentrum, Varese more>

Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen in Porsgrunn (NO)>

Cecilie Hjelvik Andersen (Porsgrunn, Norway, 1984) finished her Masters Program in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at NABA (Milan, Italy) in February 2016 – where she also earned her BFA (2013). Prior to, and after her studies she lived and worked in Spain for approximately 8 years in total. Her life and practice is highly performative – playful and serious, delicate and unrefined, dreamlike and realistic. At the moment she is in Norway. @ceciliehjelvikandersen

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