April.10.2021 – Emmanuelle Potier / Sara Rossi

Emmanuelle Potier (FR) > < Sara Rossi (IT)

Emmanuelle Potier in Metz (FR) / – Sara Rossi in Milan (IT) –  April. 10. 2021 h. 14 – 16 pm

Here are the sounds exchanged during the Freesbeesong Match:

Emmanuelle Potier in Metz (FR) >

Emmanuelle Potier Née en 1983 vit et travaille en France (Grand Est) et en Italie (Toscane). Artiste et commissaire d’expositions – Directrice du Mètre Carré . Représentante du Collège Artistes-auteurs et Vice-présidente de PLAN D’EST Pôle arts visuels Grand Est. Emmanuelle Potier obtient le DNSEP à l’ENSAD Nancy en 2006, le CFPI à la HEAR en 2008, L’AIC DRAC Lorraine en 2014, le CFGA en 2015, le Master 2 Industries Culturelles France – Italie à la Sorbonne Nouvelle en 2017, le Prix Henri Galilée de l’Académie Stanislas en 2020, l’AIC DRAC Grand Est en 2020. Dans une volonté d’ouverture, elle co-fonde Le Mètre Carré en 2011more>

Emmanuelle Potier nata nel 1983 nel dipartimento della Mosella francese, è artista e curatrice, direttrice del Artists Run No Space Le Mètre Carré, Rappresentante del Collegio degli artisti-autori e Vicepresidente della rete di arti visive PLAN D’EST della regione Grand Est francese. Emmanuelle Potier ha ottenuto il DNSEP all’ENSAD Nancy nel 2006, il CFPI alla HEAR nel 2008, l’AIC DRAC Lorraine nel 2014, il CFGA nel 2015, il Master 2 Industrie Culturali Francia – Italia alla Sorbonne Nouvelle nel 2017, il Premio Henri Galilée dalla Stanislas Academy nel 2020, AIC DRAC Grand Est nel 2020. In desiderio di apertura, ha co-fondato Le Mètre Carré nel 2011 more>

Sara Rossi in Milan (IT) )>

Sara Rossi. Born in 1970 in Milan, where she lives and works. Sara Rossi uses video and photography, working with landscape as a space within nature and as a stage for history’s portrayal of events, culture and traditions. Her gaze is at times lyrical, focusing on the impermanence of lights and colors, and at other times she meticulously hunts out fragments of different eras remaining in places, which she uses to reconstruct veritable pictorial narratives. These narratives somehow concern us, we recognize them and they seem familiar, like memories deposited in the collective cultural imaginary. (Gaia Pasi) Winner in 2002 of The New York Prize, The Italian Academy of Columbia Univerity, New York. In 2003 Sara won the Audience Award in the Young Italian Art Prize at the Venice Biennale in 2003 (Venice Pavillion). From 1995 she exhibited her photography, video and installations in other museums and events, including the Triennale in Milan, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice, Pistoletto Foundation in Biella, Museion in Bolzano, Palazzo delle Papesse in Siena, Gallery of Modern Art in Turin, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation in Turin, 7th Lyon Biennial, MAMbo in Bologna, Manifesta 7 in Bozen, MACRO in Rome, the 4th Prague Biennial, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea Monfalcone, MART in Rovereto, Pecci Museum in Prato and Milan, ISR Swiss Institute in Rome and Milan.more>

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