April.17.2021 – Gianluca Codeghini / Virginie W.

Gianluca Codeghini (IT) > < Virginie W. (FR)

Gianluca Codeghini in Milan (IT) / Virginie W. in Paris (FR) –  April. 17. 2021 h. 2 -4 pm

Here are the sounds exchanged during the Freesbeesong Match:

Listen to the Freesbeesongs composed by the players:

V.W. FREESBEESONG – April, 21, 2021 – Paris to Milan, Virginie W. to Gianluca Codeghini

Gianluca Codeghini in Milan (IT) >

Gianluca Codeghini (1968) lives and works in Milan. Diploma at Art Academy of Brera, Milan. He attended the Electronic and Computer Music courses at the Civic Music School in Milan, and the semiotics courses at the Universities of Bologna and Milan. His artistic experiences go back to eighties and regard the search of sounds and the modality to record and to regenerate noise.
In addition, he realizes performances and installations in urban spaces and galleries. In1990 he founded laciecamateria editions, limited editions. Some theoretical lines of his work concern topics like noise, light and blindness, powder, games, time and music in background… more>

Virginie W. in Paris (FR )>

« On my way to tomorrow, let’s explore what is next door today. » 

Exploring world since 1973, I was working as a graphic designer since the end of my studies at the Beaux-Arts de Nancy (France), making visual identities or posters and catalogs for exhibitions. 

In love with graphic symbols, typographic glyphs, expressive illustrations and emotional photographs, I see each instant as an opportunity to find a small poetic treasure to share with people using photography or pattern illustration.

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