June.20.2021 – Joël Cherpitel / Chiara Pergola

Joël Cherpitel (FR) > < Chiara Pergola (IT)

Joël Cherpitel in Paris (FR) / Chiara Pergola in Bologna (IT) –  June.20.2021 h. 2-4 pm

Here are the sounds exchanged durig the Freesbeeesong match:

1-JC-La Marseillaise – 2021-06-20-14-01-51
3-JC-Je marche-2021-06-20-14-08-49
5-JC-Je sais-2021-06-20-14-19-13
7-JC-Ou êtes vous ça déborde-2021-06-20-14-32-04
9-JC-Langues 1-2021-06-20-14-41-39
11-JC-2021-Qui est là , y’a quelqu’un ?-06-20-14-53-29
17-JC-2021-Maman vélo-06-20-15-19-35
23-JC-Meeting république-2021-06-20-15-50-34

Joël Cherpitel in Paris (FR) >

Joël Cherpitel is an artist and designer. He lives in Paris and is the founder and creative director of ESPACE COMMUN. https://www.instagram.com/espacecommun/

Chiara Pergola in Bologna (IT) >

Chiara Pergola (Modena 1968). Lives and works in Bologna. Her work is site specific and she conceives art as the means of mutual influence between the cultural subject and the context. The process of knowledge, through which we recognize something as meaningful is central to her poetics, close to visual poetry. She describes her work in terms of “artistic physiology” to distinguish it from an idea of “anatomy” where the artwork is isolated from the context of its production. After the studies in Architecture and Master’s Degree in Biology she graduated in Painting at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna, with a thesis reviewing the concept of bachelor’s machines from a feminist point of view. After her first degree she worked for some years in a multinational company, in a management position: this experience has brought her attention on the way the relationship between individuals develops in a given social system. In addition to her artistic activity,  she teaches Mathematics, a discipline  deeply related to the conceptual research, and works as an adjunct professor for Art Schools and Fine Art Academies.

Her work is included in public and private collections and is exhibited in institutions, museums and other places of culture, among which La Triennale in Milan, MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art of Bologna, Museo Marino Marini in Florence, Galleria Civica of Modena, San Carlo Foundation, La Chambre Blanche of Québec. In 2009 she founded Musée de l’OHM, a chest of drawers from the XIX century turned into an museum with a permanent collection and a regular program of exhibitions. Located permanently inside the Medieval Museum of Bologna, OHM offers a point of view on contemporary art within the core of tradition. https://pergolachiara.com/

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