June.12.2021 – Fanny Adler / Francesca Petrolo

Fanny Adler (FR) > < Francesca Petrolo (IT)

Fanny Adler in Ivry-sur-Seine (FR) / Francesca Petrolo in Ticinallo on Lake Maggiore (IT) –  June. 12. 2021 h. 2-4 pm


Freesbeesong Match:


Fanny Adler in Ivry-sur-Seine (FR) ) >

Fanny Adler (born in 1974) has filmed and staged for a long time her intimacy. With extremely simple means, all gently, slowness, banality of what given to see, she spoke of desire, the other, the family, death, the joy around her, around us. fictions out of nothing that stirred up trouble, installed dilution, nonchalance, nostalgia, suspense. Some clues to provoke flights, floating. Visions, stretched times, a way of constructing dream images, showing while hiding as a way of sifting reality. Since 2007, she has collaborated with Vincent Madame, performer and musician, lending her voice to the rereading of the most emblematic literary works of the margin and desire, musical readings in duet and sound and vocal experiments. Via film or digital, color or black and white and Polaroid, she improvises still-life as she travels, fixes landscapes at dusk, walks through austere and mysterious countryside or astonishing wilderness towns. She watches for the chiaroscuro of caves and shelters, the last light of the day which redraws objects, paths and animals, just before sunset. Fanny Adler uses stratagems to transform day into night, everyday life into a magical ritual. >

Francesca Petrolo in Ticinallo on Lake Maggiore (IT) >

Francesca Petrolo is a Musician and a visual artist. She graduated in painting at Brera Fine Arts Academy in 1993 and in Jazz Trombone at the A. Buzzolla Conservatory in Adria in 2006. She attended the International Master In J.a.m. at Siena Jazz Foundation from 2007 to 2010. As trombonist she has played in several musicals, including Concha Bonita by Nicola Piovani and Priscilla Queen of the Desert in the version of Simon Phillips. She currently plays with Enrico Intra Civica Jazz Band and Ferdinando Faraò Archipel Orchestra.
Suites for Artemisia is her debut album as lead trombonist.

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