July.10.2021 – Leonora Bisagno & Bruno Baltzer / Enzo Umbaca

Leonora Bisagno & Bruno Baltzer (IT-FR) > < Enzo Umbaca (IT)

Leonora Bisagno & Bruno Baltzer in Greve in Chianti (IT) / Enzo Umbaca in Milan (IT) –  July.10.2021 h. 10-12 am


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Bruno Baltzer & Leonora Bisagno in Greve in Chianti (IT) >

The artists duo, formed in 2014, analyzes the condition of the image and media today, through installations and interventions that are often triggered by the context of an artistic residency. Baltzer and Bisagno draw on forms such as touristic photography, electoral posters, advertising neon, TV archive and printed newspaper, to dissect how images and historical documents are produced, while playing with a country’s idioms and customs.

Bruno Baltzer (Nyons, 1965 – FR) et Leonora Bisagno (Zürich, 1977 – IT) constituent un duo d’artistes depuis 2014, après une série de collaborations et deux démarches personnelles distinctes. Ils vivent et travaillent entre Luxembourg et Florence. Parmi leurs projets récents : 2021 Le Voyageur, l’Obstacle, la Grâce, curateur : Akim Pasquet, exposition collective du FRAC Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur au Centre d’art contemporain de Briançon (FR) ; 2021 Repenser le paysage, exposition collective, curateur : Paul Di Felice, Musée d’histoire et d’art Luxembourg (LU) ; 2020 Leap20 Prize, exposition personnelle, Rotondes, Luxembourg (LU) ;2019 Monumento (s)fatto, exposition – résidence artistique, curateurs : Alessandro Gallicchio et Pierre Sintes, Villa Romana, Firenze (IT) ; 2018-2019 Jamais deux sans trois, si je me souviens, résidence à la Fonderie Darling, Montréal (CA) ; 2018 Les dialogues de l’urbain, journée d’études dans le cadre de MonuMed, Fondation Vasarely, Aix en Provence (FR) ; 2018 Déformation, BlackBox, exposition personnelle, commissaire: Kevin Muhlen, Casino Luxembourg- Forum d’art contemporain, Luxembourg, (LU) ; 2018 Tâte l’état, exposition personnelle, Les Limbes, Saint-Etienne (FR); 2018 An image is an image is an image, exposition collective, commissaire : Paul Di Felice, Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg (LU) ; 2018 Alla ricerca dell’aura perduta, exposition collective, commissaire : Paolo Toffolutti, Galleria regionale d’arte contemporanea Spazzapan, Gorizia (IT) ; 2018 Tâche Moustache, Presbicia, FICAE, commissaire: Alba Braza, intervention dans l’espace public, Valencia (ES); 2017 Y’a pas photo, exposition personnelle, commissaire: Danielle Igniti, centre d’art Nei Liicht, Dudelange (LU) ; 2017 L’instabilità delle cose, exposition collective, commissaire : Pietro Gaglianò, Atelier Corradi, Bologna (IT). more>

Enzo Umbaca in Milan (IT) >

From his first steps in the art circuit, Enzo Umbaca’s research was characterized by the ability to intervene actively in the social environment. Without waiting for an official authorization, he started to consider the public space of Milan as his testing field. Sometimes with performances – where he acted in first person playing particular roles; sometimes asking, as a sensitive director, the collaboration of the people and involving them as protagonists in his process; sometimes building visible interventions such as a chalk powder line drawing of a football field visible only from one specific point of view, where a real one was never built…, near his home village in the South of Italy, Long before the appearance of Nicolas Bourriaud’s well known definition of Relational Art, he started to work as a sort of sensor of emerging social phenomena. Each work is an occasion to make visible situations that are considered troublesome, finding an original way to establish a contact with several “others”. more>

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