COOMING SOON – Carlo Dell’Acqua / Olivier Létang

Carlo Dell’Acqua (IT) > < Olivier Létang (FR)

Carlo Dell’Acqua in Milan (IT) / Olivier Létang in Strasbourg (FR) –  September 2021

Will be broadcasted on September at — COMING SOON

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Carlo Dell’Acqua in Milan (IT) >

Carlo Dell’Acqua was born in Bormio and grew up artistically in Milan, where he attended the Accademia di Brera.
His exploration involves techniques of various kinds, from painting, photography and video to the manipulation and reworking of everyday objects and materials – very often work tools – to installations and performances. The issues that have emerged, right from the first exhibits, concern the continuous interaction of awarenessand recognition between objects and subjects. His many-sided techniques explore the various modes of stress, disarticulation, and fragmentation to which the identities of things and those who look at them or use them are subjected. His artistic activity often focuses on physical action – at times violent and destructive action – followed by a sort of second creation.The object, among others, is sometimes the artist himself, exhibited more as a strange machine or a simple container from which to squeeze out meaning. more>

Olivier Létang in Strasbourg (FR) >

Olivier Létang is a visul artist and musician based in Strasbourg.


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