June.6.2021 – Isabella Bordoni / David Liver

Isabella Bordoni (IT) > < David Liver (FR)

Isabella Bordoni in Venice (IT) / David Liver in Mozambique and in Strasbourg (FR) –  June. 6. 2021 h. 2-4 pm

Here is the exchange of sounds during the Match:












Isabella Bordoni in Venice (IT) >

Freesbeesong by Isabella Bordoni, Undocumented city, released on 9 June 2021 at h. ‏‎00:29:44

Isabella Bordoni (born 1962 in Rimini, Italy) is an Italian poet, writer, visual and sound artist, performer and independent curator. Involved in the sphere of public art, with wide-ranging projects of urban dramaturgies and relational arts, from 2016 she is the curator of IMAGONIRMIA AWARD “variable displacement”, an international prize for the art of the present. Isabella Bordoni studied philosophy, literature, art and vocals with Gabriella Bartolomei in Florence. Her work primarily focuses on themes of language, body, voice, crossing boundaries and adhering to the process of art as techné. Her artistic practice includes performance and electronic art. Since the mid-1980s she has been involved in dramaturgy for theatre and radio. Bordoni pays particular attention to the issue of urban narratives and memory in cities and urban outskirts, and in 2000 used the terms “poetryscapes” and “poetic citizenship” to describe her work. Interested in the “document” as a device of narrative construction and deconstruction, in 2014 she also started an awareness project around the photographic archive of Marco Caselli Nirmal called «Osservatorio critico/Archivio e Fondo fotografico d’autore». >

David Liver in Mozambique and in Strasbourg (FR) >

Freesbeesong by David Liver, Architechno delle Galapagos, released on 6June 2021 at 15:15:57

Coming from a background in sculpture, his performance-based work his work spans a variety of fields allowing: writing, theater, video, radio and curation. David Liver is known for his dematerialized art, and for his obscure imagery where he employs satire, gonzo-style autobiography, and black humor. His at times irreverent and deceptive persona is his primary tool in combining a “shifted-down-tone-comedian-like-mode” together with the radicalism of conceptual art. Liver defines his work as “con-art”. Considering narrative to be the root of his creative output, a major of Liver’s themes is the institution of believes. In his confessional columns and speeches, many of which include literary and historical references, Liver explores this aesthetic system of values in order to provoke a more intimate voice, and to manipulate the blindspots of a collective narrative. David Liver collaborative approach often leads him to initiate or take part in group projects. Among the others, as a visual artist, in 1999 he started the Y LIVER duo with Rugiada Cadoni. Their separation in 2013 ended the project. From 2013, he often collaborates with curator Fabien Pinaroli, co-authoring some of Liver’s written performances which they call pre-actement. Since 2012, David Liver is a prominent member of the international artist run magazine and art group E IL TOPO with whom he created and edited several issues, performed in almost all of the group performances, as well as curated monographic exhibitions. Among his publishing art practice, VOICE-OVER is his last work, an online artist run review published by the Council of Europe and KANAL – CENTRE POMPIDOU in Brussels.

Liver is currently writing, producing and directing with François Combin the feature film Eupalinos (Urubu Films), he also wrote The Fug Nothing, a feature film that will be directed by Canadian director Thomas Burstyn, and the short film Ciernwstopieski (Bonne Nouvelle Films) to be directed by Bastien Brenot.

Currently he lives and works in Europe.

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